We help validate and build
your ideas, so you can launch faster

We help validate, build and launch
your ideas. Faster.

Lukibear is a software development & design shop with insanely high quality standards.
We help you define success, refine your vision and ship your product in a short time-span.

Lukibear is a software development & design shop. Define success, refine your vision, ship the product.

Successful customers

What we've been working on

No matter the specific industry, we’ve built great things for many companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Have a look at the case studies!

Adobe Generator (for Photoshop)

When Adobe needed a way to expose a realtime API in Photoshop, Lukibear built Adobe Generator. Powered by Node.js, is now part of Photoshop CC and powers the assets export pipeline and is part of many companies' workflow.

TinyMCE (for Ephox)

When Ephox needed a new website and documentation for the open source text editor TinyMCE, Lukibear stepped up and delivered. Using modern tooling and workflow automation tinymce.com won plaudits from the TinyMCE community.

BlueBank (for undisclosed customer)

Lukibear prototyped the BlueBank mobile app in just one month. It's an online banking solution that merges saving, budgeting and investing altogether. We helped the entrepreneur behind this project to pitch his ideas for a successful round of seed investments, by showing an already working prototype.

Cancare (for undisclosed customer)

Cancare is an iOS app related to the world of the medical cannabis. Prototyped and developed over a three months timeframe, it focuses on both shopping and delivery aspect of the business.

rtail (Open Source Project)

Rtail is an open source project built by Lukibear to help developers centralize logs thrugh a modern interface. With more 1000+ stars on GitHub is used by many companies to improve DevOps and CI. Rtail was meticulously designed and built using Node.js and Angualr.js, and is actively maintained by the Lukibear team.

Careers (for undisclosed customer)

Careers needed a platform to connect HR and candidates, without exposing their sensible information before a mutual agreement. Lukibear managed to ship a MVP built in three months, used later on to start a funding round.

Node.js Interactive (Portland, OR)

Check out Lukibear's presentation at Node Interactive showing how rtail can help you manage your realtime logs. We love sharing our knowledge. Contact us for speaking inquiries.

Transparency and honesty is important to us. Yes, we have many more success stories we'd love to share. At the same time we don't mind sharing what we learned when things didn't quite go to plan, to save you time and money.

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Get to market in 30 to 60 days

We value time more than anything. We iterate through tight user-validation and continuous deployment cycles to ship sooner and more often. Delivering Minimum Viable Products is what we do.

We help you define what success means for you. By starting with the end in mind, we'll help refine your vision to ship only the most valuable features and deliver your product in the shortest time-span possible.

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What our team can do for you

We guide you through every step between discussing your idea​ to landing your first customer, or if you're further along we can help grow your existing product. Wherever you happen to be, you can be assured we approach every project like it was our own.

UX & UI Prototyping

We’re a design driven app development company. We apply design as a calculated practice, human centered and data inspired.

Web Applications

We're experts in bleeding edge technologies like React.js, Angular.js and ES6. We deliver fast and performant applications that are easy to mantain and scale. Your product is future proof.

Mobile Apps

When developing a mobile app we use proven technologies like Adobe Cordova and Ionic Framework to help you reach as many customers as possible, whatever platform they are on.

Restful API

We're Node.js and Docker addicts, for good reason. They are now the de-facto standard for writing modern API layers with enterprise performance while being easy to maintain and scale.

Yes, we're technology junkies and we love new challenges. At the same time we only pick the right tools for the job. Our objective is always to help you launch as soon as possible leaving you to focus on adding value to your business. We fall in love with problems, not solutions.

Help me ship my ideas

Our team becomes your team

Get a dedicated team without the ​hassle that goes with ​hiring and ​onboarding. Join forces with an experienced team that has a startup mentality and is committed to your success.

Meet our team

lukibear team is geographically distributed and has different backgrounds. We’re a small and agile team, and we move fast. Here’s a list of our employees, collaborators and contractors.

Kilian Ciuffolo

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

5D Book Shelf

Luca Orio

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Va bòn!

Kieran Black


Lord Emperor

We're hiring

Sales / Account Executive

We're hiring

Node.js JavaScript Developer

We're hiring

Frontend JavaScript Developer


Remote working is a lifestyle. We're always on the lookout for hugely talented people, no matter where you are in the world. If you share our values, please get in touch.

Apple User

We share the love for great design and we're passionate about Apple products.

Slack Friendly

No emails. Our day-to-day communication is on Slack.

Global Thinker

We encourage and support remote working. We're flexible.

Unstoppable Learner

We're passionate about bleeding edge technologies and tooling.

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Trusted by industry leaders

We give our clients the advantage of open source technologies. By using already available, trusted, proven and supported technologies they launch faster and with less risk. We develop products with an open source mentality and the velocity of a startup.

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"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." - Steve Jobs

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